Paint on Mac Equivalent

A Hidden Paint Equivalent on Mac Revealed

Not so long after Dave Winter posted an article about a hidden Paint on Mac program on Scripting News, Apple’s Preview app has stolen so much attention of the Mac users. Indeed, people talk about it and ask if there would be more hidden features revealed from other apps. But before that’s answered, let us be happy with the hidden Paint on Mac, know how to find it, and learn how to fit it into your workflow.

The OS X 10.10 Yosemite software obviously has provided lots of new features to the users of Mac. It takes months to get to know each feature and be able to take the most of it for your work. Thanks to the old features existing, the users can at least shorten the time needed to get it done. Based on this fact, it is interesting to know that there is still a feature hidden in it. Mac never stops surprising its users, and it’s what it is.

Paint on Mac in Preview

Paint on Mac

The hidden app is a paint program. The built-in paint on Mac not something like Photoshop, of course; but, it should be enough for quick edits and markups. Aren’t you curious? Below are the steps you must take to find the Paint on Mac.

Step 1. Open any image file in Mac Preview
Right-click the file, select ‘open with’ and then ‘’.

Step 2. Click the toolbox icon (Show Markup Toolbar)
You can find the icon on the top menu in the app.

Or, if you can follow the following steps, instead:

Step 1. Copy an image to the clipboard
Use the image you want to edit.

Step 2. Launch Preview.
Once it’s launched, go to the File menu and find ‘New’ from the clipboard to paste the image in Preview.

Step 3. Click the toolbox icon (Show Markup Toolbar)
Click it to open a set of editing tools.

What the Paint on Mac Can Do

The ways are pretty much the same; choose one you think is more convenient. Both ways will lead you to some basic features of paint, including:

The hidden paint on Mac with its limited numbers of paint tools, it not meant for complex tasks that need a moderately feature-rich app. If simple tools for quick edits and markups are not enough, use a more professional paint app like MyBrushes, instead. Called as a professional paint app, it is actually the best in class to paint on Mac. It is uniquely designed to fulfill the need of unlimited size canvas, layers and undo/redo steps during the painting process. The app gives so much space for creativity without the requisite knowledge and technical skills in painting and limited types of brushes and backgrounds. To novice or designers, MyBrushes is a way to perfection. The results are outstandingly beautiful no matter what genres of painting you are working on.

It is so good to know another useful, practical app on Mac. Now, you can have the build-in paint Mac as your shortcut to quick edits and markups every time you feel a professional paint app is just too much.

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13 languages are available for Paint on Mac:

Enlish: Paint on Mac

Spanish: Paint on Mac German: Paint Für Mac French: Paint Pour Mac Italian: Paint Per Mac Dutch: Paint Voor Mac Russian: черчение Mac

Swedish: Måla Tool För Mac Japanese: Mac用のペイン Korean: Mac 용 페인트 Chinese: MAC绘图软件 Tr-CN: MAC繪圖軟體 Protuguese: Paint in Mac

Paint on Mac 10.6.8 and above, iMac, Macbook Mini, Macbook air, Macbook Pro, Mac Lion, Yosemite, mavericks.


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