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10 Awesome Paint Brush Apps for iPad and Mac

More or less, iPad is the reason why digital artists can now play with their paint brush set and bring out their creativity on the move. Its innovation that moves the trend in technology to mobile fully-featured devices is really brilliant. And, digital artists are one of the groups of users that can take the most advantage of it.

Paint Brush

Graphic designers, digital artists, and illustrators can work everywhere they want without the fear of losing the quality and artistic feelings from their artwork wherever they are. With the available sets of paint brush, painting tools and other supporting features in mobile devices like iPad, these artistic people can still be the way they are in creating their work. These are the five big stars in the iPad painting industry.


Paint Brush Apps for iPad, iPhone


1. Mybrushes

This paint app is excellent for its huge collection of blendable and mixable brushes, sensitive stylus support, wide canvases, and unlimited number of layers. A separate app is also available for Mac. Mac download

Run Paint Brushes program on iPad, iPhone and Mac 10.6.8 and above, iMac, Macbook Mini, Macbook air, Macbook Pro, Lion, Yosemite, mavericks.

13 languages are available for MyBrushes :

Enlish: Paint for Mac, iPad

Spanish: Paint Para Mac German: Paint Für Mac French: Paint Sur Mac Italian: Paint Per Mac Dutch: Paint Voor Mac Russian: черчение Mac

Swedish: Måla För Mac Japanese: Mac用のペイン Korean: Mac 용 페인트 Chinese: MAC绘图软件 Tr-CN: MAC繪圖軟體 Protuguese: Paint in Mac


2. Procrate

This paint app is wonderful for sketching. It brings out the experience of charcoal drawing and helps make great cartoons, figure drawings, or abstract masterpieces.

3. Inspire Pro

This paint app is good for painting, drawing and sketching. Its complete set of high-quality brushes, painting tools, eraser, and blending effects makes art creation easier for artists of any skill level.

4. Tayasui Sketches

This paint app is designed for short drawing. It does not many brushes and tools; yet, it can help create hand-drawn animations and instantly share them via the Loop gallery, email, or Tumblr.

5. Penultimate

This paint app is suitable for note-taking and sketching. There are a lot of new paper types users can add. Or, they can opt to install their custom designs.


Interestingly, the freedom of art creation is not only for iPad users but also Android’s and Macs. Apps in Android and Mac are rapidly increasing in quantity and quality so it would be pretty easy to find the best paint brush apps for artists of any skill level. Here the top 5 of Mac.


Paint Brush Apps for Mac


1. Gimp - It is FREE.

This paint app is excellent for simple drawing to intricate painting. It features a small set of widely-used brushes, left-hand adjustment feature, intuitive interface, ease of navigation, blending mode, and the adjustable size and shape of canvas.

2. Adobe Photoshop Touch

This paint app lacks of some of the advanced tools found in the desktop version. But, It is surely still the most sophisticated paint app for its excellent painting tools, editing tools, camera fill feature, synchronization feature and free membership to Creative Cloud.

3. Autodesk Sketchbook

This paint app promises users professional-looking results, advanced drawing tools, clean user interface, ease of navigation, and huge collections of layers, 100 brushes, and canvas sizes.

4. Fresco Paint

This paint app wins in price. Yet, as expected, there are not a lot of features in it. However, 4 layers, 12 brushes, 21 filters and Photoshop file support should be enough for occasional artists.

5. PaintBrush

This paint app is a fun drawing and sketching app. It features 12 brushes, basic drawing tools, shading tools and just a few other features. And most important, it is FREE.

Whether you are using an iPad or iphone orMac,you can always have high quality Paint Brushes to play with on the move.

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