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3 Paid and Free Alternatives to OpenCanvas for Mac

OpenCanvas is one of the best painting tools for beginners in digital painting or illustrating. The painting tool is outstanding for its quick installation and ease of use. Usually, beginners find digital painting complicated but it does not seem happen to those that use OpenCanvas as their start. Even for digital artists who have mastered Photoshop, the painting tool does not require much of learning time for it looks familiar with Photoshop. The familiarity is in their floating windows that display tools, settings, color palettes and more. Designed really simple and elegant, the painting tool has standardized features that can make great masterpieces if used properly. Unfortunately, the strengths of OpenCanvas cannot be enjoyed by Mac users. It does not run on Mac OS X so the best you can do is finding the alternatives to OpenCanvas for Mac.

OpenCanvas for Mac

Alternatives to OpenCanvas for Mac

#1. Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Paid)

That the flagship product of Adobe Systems comes as the first alternative to OpenCanvas for Mac must give surprise to no one. Adobe Photoshop has been declared as an industry standard for graphics professionals and a killer application on the Mac all at once. Professional digital painters, illustrators and animators must at least have the painting tool for either a primary tool or complementary one. Using Photoshop, you are offered ultimate flexibility, a huge collection of graphics-intensive tools, an elegant look, high speed panting, and other advanced features. The only drawbacks of the painting tool are always on the steep learning curve and price. But sure, after time and money invested, the painting tool can be proud of mastering the most powerful painting tool ever.


#2. MyBrushes (15 days free trial with full features)

Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Mac is expensive. If you would like to find another alternative one to OpenCavas. MyBrushes would be a nice choice.

OpenCanvas for Mac 15 days Free Paint for Mac with All features. Download Now!

MyBrushes OpenCavas on Mac alternative available for OS X 10.6.8 and above, iMac, Macbook Mini, Macbook air, Lion, Macbook Pro, Yosemite, mavericks.

13 languages are available for MyBrushes OpenCavas for Mac:

Enlish: Paint for Mac

Spanish: Paint Para Mac German: Paint Für Mac French: Paint Pour Mac Italian: Paint Per Mac Dutch: Paint Voor Mac Russian: черчение Mac

Swedish: Måla För Mac Japanese: Mac用のペイン Korean: Mac 용 페인트 Chinese: MAC绘图软件 Tr-CN: MAC繪圖軟體 Protuguese: Paint in Mac

#3. Paint.Net (Free)

You may not expect that the second alternative to OpenCanvas for Mac goes to a free software, Paint.Net. Paint.Net is one of the highly-regarded painting tools in the graphics industry. That it is freeware is a bonus. The painting tool comes with tools as many as more highly rated painting tools can offer. The tools allow users to add layers, texts, filters and effects to get the look and feel they are going for. The interface is also intuitive that the windows of the tools can be repositioned anywhere on the screen to get a clear space to work in. However, the painting tool is a bit tricky to both beginners and professionals. Beginners will find the tool quite complicated to get started while professionals do not have access to advanced painting tools that can be found in paid painting tools like Photoshop.

So now, it is your choice whether you value money or the painting features more. None of Adobe Photoshop and Paint.Net is a better alternative to OpenCanvas for Mac than the other. Both have excellent points that are worth considering with a minimum number of drawbacks.


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